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    REALITi Update 11.1.8

      REALITi 11.1.8 Critical Changes Minimum supported iOS is iOS 13 iPads no longer supported: iPad Air (1st Gen) Nov 2013; iPad Mini 2 (2013); iPad Mini 4 (2014) iPad naming ability within REA...

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    REALITi SimScope 3 - Sounds and Scenarios

    Sounds The main control screen for the REALITi SimScope has 2 main areas Sound Selection on the Left Sound Location on the Right Sound Selection You can select a Sound Set for Heart, Lung, Bowel...

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    REALITi SimScope 2 - First Time Connection

    First time connection Make sure you have the following: Wi-Fi Router on iPads connected to Router REALITi SimScope has been set to you Router Wi-Fi (See REALITi SimScope - Wi-Fi Setup) Connect th...

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    REALITi SimScope 1 - Wi-Fi Setup

      For US users only - Your SimScope comes pre-configured for your router's wireless settings currently being used with REALITi and/or the REALITi router has been shipped to you.  Please follow the ...

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    REALITi SimScope

    The first integrated electronic simulated stethoscope is now part of REALITi. Powered by Cardionics, REALITi SimScope works seamlessly with REALITi for a feature rich auscultation experience.     ...

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    Integrated Ventilator Quick Start

    Connecting the iPads Patient demographics Starting and Connecting the Ventilator Patient Lung Condition Incidents Ventilator Remote Control Connecting the iPads The Hamilton T1 ventilator can b...

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    Control - Section 2: Ventilator Controls

    There are 3 differences when a ventilator screen is connected Scenario Overview for patient demographics Ventilator Tab Patient Lung Condition and Incident states can be selected in ETCO2 Waveform...

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    REALITi Version 11

    New features Hamilton T1 Transportable fully featured ICU ventilator for aeromedical and ambulances.   Latest version 3 interface with Dynamic Lung Changes to ventilator settings automatically cha...

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    Additional Monitor

    You can add an additional screen to a main monitor, both controlled by the single Control iPad. This is useful in scenarios where a separate monitor, defibrillator or ventilator is needed. To enabl...

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    REALITi Update Version 10.3

    Version 10.3 introduces the new Tempus LS and Tempus Pro screens. The Tempus Pro and Tempus LS can be used together as connected screens to create the Tempus ALS system. Using the additional monito...